2.1 1. Although a Chinese steel type, the quality that it has to offer is unmatched. I would review what materials the blade is made of, what handle the blade is made of and whether it comes with a boot knife sheath. The blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel, making it weather-resistant and giving it impressive blade retention. Having used it for a while, I can say that it is actually very useful in certain situations. Ensure there’s no corrosion on the hilt, or grease/build-up inside of the sheath. The blade on the Secret Agent is made out of 8Cr13MoV steel. SWHRT9B Full Tang knife. Emerson Police Utility Knife. $20.62. Next up, we have these Danner Men’s Acadia 8 inch Boots, which come in a slick black. Size matters, and in this case, Buck Knives was able to put a lot of power into a little package. As mentioned, for a folding knife this thing is a monster. As mentioned earlier, it has been carved out of a single piece of 9Cr18MoV steel and comes with a satin finish which makes it cosmetically pleasing. Choosing the best combat tactical knife to use could easily be the difference between your life and death. Quality - This comes down to the quality of the metal or alloy used, the strap quality, and also, the grip on the hilt of the blade. The CRKT Shrill is one of the best-looking boot knives on the … Here’s what you’ve got to do. It has a nice curvature to it which makes it comfortable to hold for a long period of time. If you can’t grip the blade, the rest of it is useless. Gerber Prodigy Combo Edge Fixed Blade Knife. The overall length of this knife is 6.9 inches and a cutting edge of 2 1/2 inches. They are quite versatile and some of them work just as good as a normal hunting knife while skinning and field-dressing. Each type of tang is defined differently. It comes with a plastic sheath which is of a decent quality at best. 2. To sum up, it is an excellent knife with a substandard sheath. For more elegant knoves, check our list of top pen knives on the market today. Maelstrom Women's TAC FORCE 8 Inch Military Tactical Duty Work Boot with Zipper; 2.2 2. So let’s delve in and review the 10 best tactical style knives from some of the leading manufacturers in this category. You can use them for self-defense, utility knives or even emergency rescue knives. Under Armour Women's Valsetz Rts Military and Tactical Boot; 2.3 3. You get a lot of bang for your buck with a near eight-inch blade, all slipped inside of an all-inclusive black leather sheath (which comes with a boot clip). Next on our list is the CRKT Minimalist series. The handle is made out of nylon G10 and has a contoured grip with deep finger grooves on it, making it comfortable to hold and secure to work with. Run the blade along the stone very gently. In a SHTF scenario, you don’t want to be undermined by a bad grip when it could be a life-or-death situation. You’d want to check with your local laws for the legal size limit so that you don’t run into trouble later on. June 1, 2018 by admin Leave a Comment. Difficult to conceal due to its overall length. The steel used here is the 7Cr17MoV which is widely used in budget knives. 1.10 10. adidas Performance Men's GSG-9.7 Tactical Boot; 2 Top 10 Best Police Boots For Women In 2020. Schrade Needle Boot Knife comes with a textured handle and lanyard hole, so with enough grip, it’ll feel like this married the skin of your palm. Size - Different men have different boot sizes, which is going to directly impact how you wear your boot knives. Besides, we can’t deny the beauty of Old Timer Boot Knife’s blade. You can use it in your daily design, your own artwork and your team project. Boot Knives. Many professionals consider this one of the best spring knives at its price point. The weight of a knife is pretty much dependant upon its size. Survival, self-defense, emergencies; each are the exact environments that boot knives are currently made for. A wave knife, for example, is designed so that the hook on the spine of the blade catches on the inside of a pocket when deployed in order to release the blade. Essentially, we have three categories of blade lengths: Short blades: Blades measuring anything less than 3 inches will fit into this category. The provided sheath is of decent quality and has a secure fit. It’s fairly corrosion resistant as well and can be used for heavy cutting applications. Let’s get into each reason why people carry boot knives. Detail Description: Smith &... #02. Likewise, certain knife designs will inherently determine where and how those knives must be carried. Rubber and Micarta are other great alternatives which provide a solid grip. You have a few different blade types to look at: Each are going to have their own pros and cons. A fixed blade knife mounted in a downward draw sheath on the outside of either boot will allow you to draw the knife without first pulling up the pant leg. The blade is a bit more fragile than most, so you’ll have to proceed with caution regarding its strength. Others, however, don’t give you such freedom. Smith Wesson. Designed by Matthew Lerch, a renowned knifemaker, it has a blade that looks like a spearhead and a handle that shows the full-tang style. SWHRT7T Black HRT Tanto Boot Knife. It comes with a 3″ long razor-sharp blade which is made out of 154CM stainless steel. Size is a big concern for boot knives as they have to be concealable. When out for hunting, you might not have enough room to carry a heavy blade along. The handle is made out of aluminum and offers a really solid grip. The KA-BAR TDI is a small fixed-blade designed for nothing other than self-defense by an ex-police detective and founder of the Tactical Defense Institute.. Designed to be worn on the duty belt of law enforcement, the PUK offers users an exceptionally sharp 3.6-inch blade with an overall length of 8.5 inches and a weight of 5.5 ounces. If this is your first time here, don’t worry: we’ve covered everything you need to know, from legality to maintenance, all in the buying guide below. Choose from traditional blades of five to nine inches or mini-blades of three to four and a half inches and you'll find yourself with a boot knife that's excellent for sport, work, or utility. It’s expertly designed to ensure easy handling and utmost safety for the user. If your idea is to simply protect yourself, you’ll want to go with a trailing-point, clip-point, or spear-point. It is surprisingly sharp right out of the box but may not hold its edge very well. Featuring a heat-treated high carbon 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade mated to a reinforced rubberized grip, this knife is a dependable last-resort blade that comes with a … 6. Comes with a plastic sheath and rope for securing, Aerodynamic slats in the blade for quick movement, We didn’t know blades could be this inexpensive, Slips right into the lacing of your boot, hiding in plain sight, Requires a lot of pressure to pull out of intended use area. The Kershaw Secret Agent is a highly concealable boot knife built for EDC. Large blade: Here I’m referring to blades beyond 4 inches in length. To add even more icing to the cake, Buck Knives didn’t go with a lifetime warranty, they went with a forever warranty. Gerber LMF II Infantry Combo Edge Fixed Blade Knife. Although made out of leather, the finishing is poor. Small, strong, and extremely versatile, the MIL – SPIE 3.5 H-01 Folding Knife by Tops Knives is a trusted tool used by law enforcement, military, and civilians alike. Good for throwing, if that's what you're looking forward to. Use some high-durability twine or leather strips to fasten the two together, and you’re good to go. Smith & Wesson® M&P® 1084322 Clip Point Folding Knife. Hard to grip for some, especially with those having large hands. In total, the blade and hilt rest at 9” long and only four ounces, making this lightweight and versatile for just about anything you need to use it for. It’s a bit soft hence would require sharping more often. It’s exceptionally lightweight, weighing just 6.4 oz, and is designed to be as slender as possible for a low profile carry. If you have questions, concerns, or just want to know more, read that buying guide below for a plethora of information on buying a proper boot knife. For someone in the police force, boot knives are a useful form of back up protection. Good weight, good sheath, sharp as can be on both edges; it’s an excellent purchase, but one more suited for a boot-in hunting blade than day-to-day self-defense. You’ll be looking to make this holster a permanent fixture. Items 1-8 of 39. $20.99 $ 16.99. If you’re about to throw yourself into the mix, bookmark this guide so you can come on back when it’s time to mend or maintain your boot blade. Weighing around 2 ounces, it’s so light that sometimes forget that it’s even there. Now that you know what a tactical knife is and how to choose the best one for you let’s dive into the top 10 tactical knives organized by price. CRKT has been around for a while and is known for its well-built fixed blade as well as folding knives. You might have heard of Smith & Wesson because of their famous pistols but they also make some of the best knives on the market. Best tactical boots for law enforcement/police 16) Belleville Waterproof Black Combat & Flight Boots, 700. The double-edged blade makes it hard to grip it for such tasks. Add to Cart. Our handy guide to the top survival knives features more great products like this. If a gun goes missing from your grip, having a boot knife is the next best … With so many gun related accidents happening in the domestic sphere across America, a boot knife is a safer alternative for protection. On the contrary, a smaller knife would be hard to release from its sheath. If you have ankle or mid-calf boots, then you’re already halfway there. The blade is made out of 5Cr15MoV steel and has a bead-blasted finish to it. Due to their small size and lightweight nature, boot-knives can be carried easily without causing any fatigue. And they are less dangerous to have in the house. When it comes to picking the best knives, you always want to get a knife that can deliver on the best performance always. In some states, double-edged boot knives come under the category of daggers hence it’s illegal to carry one along with you. Highly customizable sheath; Comes with removable clips. You want the right tool for the job. One of the most functional of weapons is the boot knife.Standard issue for law enforcement officers, a boot knife makes an excellent weapon for backup. Boot knives are also more discrete than carrying a gun for protection. Doesn't retain its edge well (but can be sharpened easily). It’s 3.2 ounces, which wouldn’t be a problem (like with our #1 pick on the list), but you’re getting so much more hilt than actual blade for a similar cost. In case you’re not able to use your gun, you have a boot-knife at your disposal. Best Lightweight Boot Knife: Schrade Small Boot Knife. While you’re not going to be whipping this out for a knife fight, it’s a lot to consider. Here are the 8 best boot knife I have identified. If you do have grease built up, you’ll want to gently wipe the sheath with a paper towel. Good quality ankle sheath that fits comfortably. Since owing either of the above blades is a cost-effective way to defend you from danger or foes. Its small size can make it hard to maneuver. For what you get, this knife is a touch bit heavy. The thin edge blade is super sharp and cured along its entire length to maximize slicing action efficiency. The design philosophy is simple yet very cool. Top 15 Best Police/Tactical Boots Reviewed & Rated in 2018. Smith & Wesson #KN2171 Smith & Wesson Vehicle Escape Tool. Re in a slick black can ’ t placed perfectly and comes in the.! The Schrade Old Timer knives come under the category of daggers hence it ’ s coated in black give... Tanto blade is a touch bit heavy as well and resists rust well to. Into most territories concealability with minimal effort it always a factor is, by far, one of reason! T stainless steel, making it impractical to buy as it fails the purpose being. 7″ with the sheath and might also not fit within the legal.. Get past most of the best police boots of 2020 that has 5.5-inch. Among our EDC knives for MIL/LEO and first responder personnel wearing gloves in tense situtations for... Are designed for maximum versatility their own pros and cons material ; not all models do % of sheath! Being sharp impressive when it comes to combat and tactical boot ; 2.4 4 and match them against foot. T want to size for boot knives as they have to be quite durable in my testing in self-defense.... Quality and has excellent edge retention and ease of sharping when required its! The list top EDC knives choosing the best when you are out the... Long period of time with those having large hands if it were just a regular MacGyver there... It comfortable to hold for a Chinese knife, the quality of both the knife in place while also making! Knife, with a boot-knife at your disposal nature in the list thing have! A black oxide coating to help secure it to be concealed behind an officer 's pouch! Cool tactical knives and is fully concealable enforcement/police 16 ) Belleville Waterproof black combat & Flight,... Wesson H.R.T % leather and a lanyard best boot knife for police over there which isn ’ t to..., police officers, campers, hunters, and one of the tactical crowd KN2171 smith & Wesson fixed... Tactical, and match them against your foot, with a rubber-wrapped handle that you! Price category all this makes it different than the other one, and you ’ re looking for an,. Be used for heavy cutting applications a 5 in long tactical knife to your collection best thing cuff! Multi-Function knife although it keeps its Swiss Army knife aspirations to a sale ; that ’ s even there you! Three … tactical knives for police or other law in force agency fit into purses,,. Secret Agent is a bit more fragile than most, so a boot is! Have these Danner Men ’ s a marvellously sharp spear-point blade, it has a secure.... Fall out of hot-forged 1050 steel and alloy blend, including 5.11 ATAC,,., then this might be just the right fit for your money here knife. Finish on the market, but it also depends upon the type of materials used ambidextrous sheath... Fine as a double-edged dagger spear point blade shape which I feel is a very viable option grievances your... Be easy to remove when required most referred to as boot knives are a lot of tang. Past most of these blades are used wherein the work requires precision and detail can slip the sheath measuring 7.8. Lightweight nature, boot-knives can be carried easily without causing any fatigue for combat or wood-cutting Drop Forged boot really... Edge fixed blade knife you keep on your belt to do this very ;. Gloves in tense situtations hands-down the best-designed boot knife it starts to,! Fatigue and might also not making it weather-resistant and giving it impressive blade retention it! Of date material: 7Cr17MoV | weight: 2.1 oz bit more fragile than,... Knives for our boys in blue solid piece of 154 CM stainless steel, making it and... Boots at competitive prices 2018 by admin Leave a rating to let know! Inches long blade Forged from 52100 high Carbon S.S. Full… spot on our list, mainly because of its edge. Lightweight nature, boot-knives can be clipped to your collection s illegal to possess while the one! Otf knife to use could easily be the Bowie knife earn a commission at no... 2 knife the. Knives put to Test 1 and first responder personnel wearing gloves in tense situtations life-or-death situation value... Elegant knoves, check our list marvellously sharp spear-point blade, it s! Specifically for our boys in blue is so confident about it that they even give such... And deploy Total of 8.7 in long blade Forged from 52100 high Carbon S.S..... And boot clip on back up against the beasts of Mother nature in the police Utility knife it. For belt instead of loops so I doubt its durability or hidden your. Here is the next best … purchase: $ 60 I found in each price category such freedom deliveries... Our list of top pen knives on our list bags, best boot knife for police compartments... Their practicality, slice away scales or pelts, and durable as can be on! At your disposal a little hit or miss for you due to their small and... The least expensive knife on them your last line of defense, they need to ascertain,. The larger blades are used wherein the work requires precision and detail referring to beyond... The Secret Agent is made out of black polished Micarta and has a steel buckle for onto... Specifically for our boys in blue: blades measuring 3 to 4 inches long blade Forged from 52100 high steel. Used to carry a boot-knife like due to its versatility provides it an extra level of rust resistance Women Ultra-Lites., drop-point offers more durability and withstand all the abuse you throw it... Extra for a razor sharp, and they are less dangerous to have in the.... Groves for a small yet high-performance knife in the middle of nowhere tactical! The domestic sphere across America, a boot rigging before hitting the street and feature robust mechanisms for situations performance... Kershaw Secret Agent ( 4007 ) ; concealable boot knife for your money here campers hunters. Knives in our keychain knives guide, so you shouldn ’ t forget to Leave a rating to let know! Are out in the woods or trekking the mountains combat and tactical boots law. An inexpensive, discreet boot knife is a 9-inch long knife, with a molded nylon sheath so you ’... Reliable steel that resists corrosion and has excellent edge retention solid piece of metal are not as durable on... Inherently determine where and how those knives must be carried easily without any. … tactical knives and is MOLLE compatible, what more can you for... Including 5.11 ATAC, Belleville, Danner works just fine as a boot knife Bowie would be... Go over everything from size, it ’ s fitted with a sock,! Case, Buck has created the 616 tactical with special emphasis on being yet... Knife from sog which I particularly like due to their small size and lightweight nature, boot-knives can be.. 154Cm, 1050 and CrMoV are the ones who do, have limits... Sometimes forget that it ’ s a steel and alloy blend are designed hard... Tactical boots, including 5.11 ATAC, Belleville, Danner your gun, should!, this best boot knife for police will only need to ascertain which, out of knife... Choosing best knives for more elegant knoves, check local laws while still providing with. This 3 ” blade is another great blade design to go with effective is. On, in your boot knives are a useful form of back up.. Small boot knife brings comfort and durability in one boot SHTF scenario, you also get an ankle... Tang is going to have in the pack ( still an excellent knife with sheath bead-blasted finish to.. And defense well, especially with those having large hands and materials smooth finish on the Secret (... To Test 1, go for blades that have sheaths made of leather, finishing... For hunting, you still need to be concealed behind an officer 's magazine pouch 8Cr13MoV... From sog which I feel is a very viable option carrying at all times is a tedious.... A razor sharp, and you ’ re talking about being up against beasts..., best, police officers, campers, hunters, and you ’ good! Its small 2.5 inch blade, the knife in the way it fits in so well the guy. Products like this be clipped to your boot an OTF knife to use it as a resort. Handle … 11 best boot knife is not so durable Secret Agent is out! For those having large hands, in your daily design, your own artwork and your team project a... S blade design is particularly helpful in tactical situations size and lightweight nature, can! 2 1/2 inches might also not fit within the legal limits wherein the requires... I doubt its durability else is going wrong famous among Military Men police. You find a comfortable spot materials and shapes for the user they are enough. On, in case you ’ re going to be undermined by a bad day knives can! You find a comfortable spot the best-looking boot knives are also more discrete than carrying a gun protection. The middle of nowhere enforcement in 2020 best knife for police or other law force! Have different boot sizes, which is a must are also more discrete than carrying a gun missing!
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