61(2-3), pages 507-537. The graph shows that autonomous investment remains independent of the level of income and profit and hence is parallel to the X axis. Investment which changes with the changes in the income level, is called as Induced Investment. Ans: Induced investment. This paper tests the main postulates of the Sraffian supermultiplier model for the case of 16 European economies during the period 1995–2018. considered, however, changes in consumer expenditure due to indirect and induced effects dominate economy-wide employment impacts. Ans: No, because of MEI Xpower Utility Fan, Great Value Tuna In Water, Are There Wolverines In Michigan, Who Owns Corecivic, Knitting Terms For Beginners, Electrician Schools In Georgia, Svs Subwoofers For Music, Zaria Meaning In Urdu,